Designing for the Social Experience of Bicycling

La movilidad en bicicleta tiene dos dinamicas, una de ellas es la social otra es la del transporte.

Cities for People


During the many years in which pedestrian traffic was primarily treated as a form of transport that belonged under the auspices of traffic planning, city life’s bounty of nuances and opportunities was largely overlooked or ignored. The terms used were “walking traffic”, “pedestrian streams,” “sidewalk capacity,” and “crossing the street safely.” But in cities there is so much more to walking than walking! – Cities for People

Peter_CromwellBy Peter Cromwell
Urban theorist and designer, and former intern at Gehl Architects

What if bicycle facilities were designed with the same care and attention as a park, plaza, or public square? What if designers began to think about programmed activity when designing for cyclists? To do so would take a monumental paradigm shift in how we think about cyclists, their relationship to others, and what they need from the facilities they use. One might well consider whether we design for a…

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Acerca de salvolomas

Asociación vecinal, cuyo objeto es preservar la colonia habitacional unifamiliar, sus calles arboladas con aceras caminables, con trafico calmado, seguras para bici, parques, areas verdes, centros de barrio de uso mixto accesibles a pie y oficinas solo en áreas designadas.
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